A brief look into the history of Rettun LLC – how it all began, what we've achieved, and where we are headed.

Rettun LLC was created by two Manchester-born brothers, Pete and Tom. They formed successful business relationships with several clients within the U.S, which oversaw the company’s rapid growth into the Multi-Million-dollar corporation it is today. But how did this company get its start? And how has it built a reputation that is as durable as the products it makes?

How did the company begin?

“Rettun started out as an idea by Tom and I when we worked together at my travel agency business. We often bounced ideas off each other during this time and brainstormed on innovative ways to create something original. This was when we both decided to design and manufacture our very own steering wheel cover, which was exactly what we did.

It was a steering wheel cover that protected people’s hands from cold or heat burns during extreme weather conditions in the winter and summer. After production, we rolled our steering wheel covers into the market and became the best seller in just a couple of months. Our sales grew into thousands monthly, surpassing other products that had received thousands of reviews.

Over time, we noticed that a lot of our customers were older people who were happy with how our steering wheel covers eased their driving experience despite their chronic arthritis. And even though we could not make medical claims on Amazon, we did not let that hold us back. We improved our steering wheel covers based on customer feedback and dominated the whole category due to increased demand from older drivers. In the end, nothing made us happier than hearing how our product was making a real difference in the lives of thousands of people. This drove our desire to expand our product line, and from this hunger, Rettun was borne,” said Company CEO Pete.

What is the goal of Rettun?

“Our company message is simple – We care about our customers and want to provide them with the best possible experience. This is why we go the extra mile to ensure that our products are of the highest quality. It’s really that simple.

Even though we make millions of dollars in sales and revenue, almost every cent has gone back into the business. It is very easy to be an average company that only takes money from customers these days. But that is not what we represent at Rettun. We are determined to make Rettun the best it can be to serve our customers’ diverse needs. It is our way of giving back to our customers because we really get a buzz from improving their experience and growing this company as well. And the more we boost our sales revenue, the more we give back to the customers.

We always listen to everything they have to say and do our best to make necessary product changes that create more satisfactory customer experiences. This is our number one goal. And it is why we are always reinvesting company profits into the expansion of our Research and Development team, ensuring that our products remain market leaders in the industry.” said Company COO Tom.

How can people contact you guys?

As much as we would really love to talk to every customer, it’s just humanly impossible. Rettun has grown to a point where we always have our hands full. However, it’s a business we truly love and put everything we have into. As such, there is no detail too small that we are not interested in, and no problem we won’t try to fix. You can reach us through any of the following channels.


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